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The Black child SEND Report aims to raise awareness and improve outcomes for Black children with Special Educational Needs who remain over represented in SEND, yet least likely to receive adequate support, perpetuating a cycle of racial disadvantage. 

Through this first of its kind research, we aim to eliminate disparities and promote equity for Black heritage SEND children.

Click below to view our Black Child SEND Report, Executive Summary and Actions for Stakeholders


Every child deserves the opportunity to unleash their potential, to harness their greatness, and to learn in an environment that celebrates their strengths. Unfortunately, children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) face disproportionate challenges in the UK, experiencing higher rates of exclusion and navigating complex processes to obtain appropriate support.

At the intersection of SEND with factors like poverty and race, a troubling pattern emerges, particularly impacting Black children who remain over-represented for SEND. Despite this over-representation, evidence shows that Black children are less likely to receive adequate support for their additional needs, perpetuating a cycle of racial disadvantage.

Insights from our Black Child SEND report produced by Global Black Maternal Health underscores the urgent need for targeted interventions to address the inequities and barriers faced by Black and mixed heritage children with SEND and their families.

Black Child SEND, exclusively focuses on access to SEND provision for Black and mixed Black heritage primary school aged children in South London. We delve into the lived experiences of parents and professionals involved in the process, shedding light on areas that work well and those needing improvement.


Join us in advocating for change, contributing to SEND policy, and fostering much-needed support for children most affected by social inequalities.

You can also check out our Black Child Clean Air Report  to learn about other research work we have done around maternal and child health disparities and air pollution.




We provide a range of educational and support services for families and professionals working with Black children with SEND. Our services include workshops, training sessions, and online resources that are designed to promote understanding and improve outcomes for Black children with SEND.


Our research and advocacy work is focused on addressing the unique challenges faced by Black children with SEND. We work with policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders to promote policies and practices that support the needs of Black children with SEND and their families.


We believe that community engagement is key to achieving our mission. We work with local organisations and community members to raise awareness and build support for Black children with SEND.


Our events and activities provide opportunities for families, professionals, and community members to come together and learn from one another.

Our Team


Agnes Agyepong 

Founder and CEO

Reyss Wheeler 

Head of Implementation 

Head of Research 

Dr Michelle Peter, PhD

Dr Catherine Benhura

Strategic Partner

Tinuke Awe 

Expert Advisor/SEND Advocate

Marsha Martin 

Expert Advisor/Founder Black SEN Mamas


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